The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and foes:
Have your calendars ready, because we can now give you the official releasedate of our new album:

Friday November 7th 2014 on AFM Records!

This third album of ours carries the name “The Heart of the Matter”. We’ve put a tremendous amount of work into this, and we are really proud of the result!

The same goes for the coverartwork made by Katell Anne Vivier who really hit “bullseye” with her design for this album!

We are so excited about sharing our new album with you all,- November 7th can’t come soon enough!!


Coverart for Triosphere

Coverartwork for Triosphere’s 3rd album “The Heart of the Matter”.




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Triosphere confirmed for 70000TONS OF METAL!!

Triosphere confirmed for 70000TONS OF METAL!!

We are really excited to announce that we are finally going overseas, and we are doing it with style!!

Get your tickets here, we cant wait to see you all on board!!




What do you get if you take 60 Metal Bands and have them play 120 Shows for only 3000 Fans on one 154,000ton Cruise Ship sailing to Jamaica?

There are many oceans and many ships, but 70000TONS OF METAL is different: We spare no expense to remove seats in the theater, or do you like seated Heavy Metal shows? On 70000TONS OF METAL you get unrestricted festival access to all live shows on board, not just one show per band with assigned seating based on which cabin category you booked. On 70000TONS OF METAL everyone is a VIP and you can come and go to any and all events as you please. With 60 Bands on board, this means you get access to 120 shows, our Metal Karaoke until sunrise, the All Star Jam, Clinics and Work-Shops with the musicians on board, our infamous Belly Flop Contest, Bars that never close, yes, you heard right: Bars that never close! Two full days at Sea and the opportunity to mingle side-by-side with your favorite artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison. It’s like everyone has a backstage pass!


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Triosphere to support Arch Enemy in Norway!

Triosphere to support Arch Enemy in Norway!

We are really happy and excited to announce that Triosphere will be sharing the stage with Arch Enemy in Bergen @ Garage on the 9th of june, and in Oslo @ John Dee on the 10th! This will be the “chaos legion’s” first norwegian performance since their new album “War Eternal” featuring their new leading lady Alissa White-Gluz, so don’t miss this!!

It’s been a few years since we toured with Arch Enemy in Europe and also since we’ve last visited Bergen, plus Oslo is always kick-ass to play in, so we’re looking greatly forward to this! We hope as many as possible of you find your way from all around the country and continent, plus (of course) to all of you who’ve JUST returned from SRF; there can never be ENOUGH metal!! :D

This will be AWESOME!! :D


Arch Enemy-Triosphere poster

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Alive n’ kickin’ with yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s news!

Alive n’ kickin’ with yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s news!

While our official facebook-page has been kept up to date on current and future activities, our official webpage has suffered an increasing state of neglect for a while now. This is now about to change, and we hope that all of you have kept an eye on facebook and concequently know we are still very much alive :)

To give a brief summary since our previous post:

Trondheim Metal Fest

TMF logo

This great festival - made possible by a a gang of insanely hard working people with a passion for metal - was arranged for the 5th year, and we will proclaim that with the 2014 edition our hometown has now seen the birth of a international metal festival of grand scale and professionalism!

It was a proud moment for us to perform here, and in front of a fantastic crowd who really built an amazing atmosphere during our gig!

A review of the entire festival in Norwegian can be found here.

PPM Fest 2014

PPM Poster

During Easter, most Norwegians can be found skiing in the mountains and reading thriller novels at the cabin, OR attending the extreme metal festival Inferno in Oslo. But this easter Triosphere packed away our monutain-skiing gear, and packed our guitars instead with a ticket to Mons, Belgium and the PPM Fest 2014!  We arrived to catch the whole festival as the line-up was filled with awesome bands, and many old friends among the audience! In short: All was set for a kick ass easter, and kick ass it turned out indeed!

After seeing our good friends in Pagan’s Mind and Ida together with Epysode on friday, Triosphere entered the Alpha stage on saturday. We’ve heard about this festival for years, and were so happy to finally be part of it ourselves! When we kicked off our set that fine saturday afternoon, the venue was filled up with metal-heads ready for some Norwegian Heavy metal, and man did we have a great time! A big thanx to everyone both in front and behind the stage, and the entire crew of the PPM!

Triosphere PPM 2014

Photo by Olivier Bourgi

A cool review can be found here.

New album

Triosphere bilde-logo

Yes, yes, yes! We know many of you are asking where the h*** is it, but believe us; it’s on it’s good way! For those of you who’ve checked in on our facebook-page every now and then you know that drums, rhythm guitars, bass and vocals are done, so the remaining parts are guitar solos and a bit of other juicy snacks that is necessary to properly tell the stories we’ve felt and made from our hearts. We can only hope that when the time for release finally comes, you will all feel it has been worth the wait! And we promise to not make you wait as long for the fourth one :)

We will announce the album-title when the cover-artwork is complete, and we are continously working on touring-plans for the promo of it. We will make the announcements along with final confirmations.

The year of 2013 called for many changes and decisions. Even though Triosphere now in many ways is finding itself taking a road less travelled, we belive it is the one that will give us the chance to take everything even one step further, and hopefully give us the chance to share our music with a whole bunch of new people alongside all the wonderful friends we’ve made so far!

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Trondheim Metal Fest 2014

Trondheim Metal Fest 2014

Triosphere has been confirmed for Trondheim Metal Fest, which takes place in March. As this festival coincides with the release of the new Triosphere album, it will be the perfect chance to give all the new songs their live debut!

Info from the festival :

Trondheim Metal Fest in Norway is celebrating their 5th. year anniversary in 2014, and moving the festival to the biggest conference hotel in Norway, Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim! Experience great bands in one of Norway´s finest concert venue, have a beer at the Skybar with a panorama view over the city while listening to Mambo Kurt play, or headbang to Slayer in the elevators, it´s your choice!

The dates are 6.-8th. March 2014 and both festival passes and limited Hotel & VIP packages are still available. All this takes place in the old Viking capital of the world, Nidaros (Trondheim), Norway. Welcome!

Trondheim Metal Fest on FaceBook

Tickets available here

Main venue Friday/Saturday: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

Trondheim Metal Fest 2014

Trondheim Metal Fest 2014

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Triosphere confirmed for PPM 2014!!!

Some really good news from Belgium!

This is an awesome festival, and we can´t wait to come play for all of you :-)

PPM 2014 announcement

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Thank you and goodnight…

It is with great sadness that we now face the end of an era for Triosphere.

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Triosphere tablatures now available for the guitar heroes out there

Triosphere tablatures now available for the guitar heroes out there

We know there’s been a lot of searching for Triosphere tablatures throughout forums, websites, social media and so on, but so far the hunt has probably given zero results for anyone trying. There are some GREAT news waiting for those who have sought but not found – Triosphere has launched a tablature page!

Remember that creating the tabs for just one single song is quite intense work, so embrace the fine musicianship and theoretic skills of mr. Silver and wish for more notes to come…

And we strongly encourage ALL of you to upload your versions of our songs (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook), we will definitely promote any contribution to our music!

Proceed to the Triosphere tablature page »

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Two weeks down, one to go!

Two weeks down, one to go!

The european tour with Kamelot, Xandria and Blackguard is going really well! We could have never dreamed of better tourmates and musical partners to share this adventure with :-) The guys in Blackguard and Xandria are all really cool people, so we’re having a lot of fun. Unlike any other tour we’ve done, this time Ida can also share many laughs with some female company on the tour bus, with Justine from Blackguard, Manuela from Xandria and Saskia who handles the merch all being among the nicest people you’ll ever meet!!

There are only five shows left on the tour, so make sure you dont miss your chance to catch this amazing line up when it comes to Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo this week! :-)

Also, make sure you ‘like’ and follow the bands facebook page to get daily updates from the road :

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Vidar Lehmann to fill in for Ørjan on upcoming tour.

Vidar Lehmann to fill in for Ørjan on upcoming tour.

So..We’ve got some good news, some bad news and some great news..

It’s a cliche, but luckily for us with a twist. Bad news first.
Due to circumstances outside of the bands control, Ørjan will not be able to do any touring this fall.
Rest assured that there is no drama, no bad blood or any internal turmoil within the band. Sometimes in life you just reach an obstacle, and you can either choose to wake up missing your teeth after running full speed ahead face first into it or smoothly moonwalk your way around it. Since we’re not completely punk rock, we have chosen the latter.. :-)

The good news is that all four of us, including Ørjan, want the tour in November and all other shows to go on as planned. Triosphere has never cancelled a single show, and we’re not about to start now!

The GREAT news is that we have found THE perfect guy to join us on the adventure that starts November 2nd in Holland, and that will take us through most of Europe in the following three weeks. Without any further ado, please give a triospheric welcome to Vidar Lehmann! Not only is he a phenomenal drummer, but also one of the coolest guys around, so we’re truly fortunate to have him on board and can’t wait to hit the road together!
Vidar normally plays in Tellus Requiem and Imperial Deathcult, both among the most promising acts Norway has to offer these days.

In every show, the drummer always walks on stage first and alone, so give Vidar an extra warm welcome when we hit your city, and I promise you that what you’ll get in return will be a superb performance from a supercool guy! :-)

Oh, and if you see him lurking around the venue after the show, give him a hug and a beer, always the best way to feed drummers :-b

Vidar Lehmann, monster drummer!

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